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   Welcome to the
Intergalactic Buskers 

An information exchange for  Buskers,
Street Musicians and Troubadours. 
Hope you find it useful.

[I apologise for the tastless pop-ups, they're nothing to do with me,
it's the price I have to pay for a free website!!! - JIm] 

May 26th 2006. My Guestbook link is now working again!!! 

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How to use this site:
To the left of the page you'll see several links, try them out,

Rogues Gallery.
Which features links to other Buskers with websites or email addresses.
Where you can post information useful to other buskers.
Or see what comments others have made.
Busking Towns.
Featuring my own comments on towns where I have busked myself. 
Other Busking Sites.
Sites I've come across, which may be of interest to other Buskers.
How to Make a One-Man-band.
Which may appeal to some who want to go along the traditional road.
New Pages
Busker Of The Month
Where I'll be featuring interviews with buskers who I feel have furthered the cause.
London Buskers - More London Buskers.
They seem to be taking over the site! It's because I'm in London and have a camera! Send me some pictures if you want to be featured on this site (max 100kb). 
                                      HAVE FUN.  
                                     Jim Druid   




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 UPDATE:May 2006;
I've been neglecting this site recently, because of other commitments.
Hopefully, I'll have more time soon to tweak it a bit and bring it up to date.
 Enjoy exploring it in the meantime.